17 September, 2011

Georgia's On Our Minds, AGAIN!

It has been some time since I have posted anything... I wish I had more time, scratch that, I wish I had more energy when I do have the time!  So, here as the kids watch a movie, Hercules, I sit and try to update you all on our crazy life. 

At the end of June we made the trek down to GA all the way from Long Island, NY, I wish I could say it was uneventful but as anything else in our lives right now it wasn't.  The most important thing is we made it out of Great Neck and down to GA in one piece, as did all of our stuff!  We arrived later than we planned to GA and we had reservations at Disney for July 2nd so we didnt have much time between getting here and leaving for our vacation. Luckily we had Uncle Norman and our wonderful friends Shaun and Alexis to help us unload the trucks (yes, I said trucks).  We left to Disney just 2 or 3 days after arriving here so we left the place with many boxes still intact, which meant I had a lot of work to do once I returned home... and I stress I since Chris left from Orlando back to NY.  Again, luckily I had the help of more people, like Papa, who came back to GA with me and helped me out tremendously.  I figured I would get all the MUST HAVES unpacked and that would be enough (or so I thought).  It was great to be back, join a gym, and hang out with my best friend, Alexis, and her family!  It was also great to know I was only 3 hrs from Disney:)

So, after being here for a couple of months now we have already made the trip down to Disney 3 times I believe, with another one coming up in less than 2 weeks for the Wine and Dine 1/2 marathon!!  I have met some great ladies at the gym through the awesome classes I have been taking, the kids have started homeschooling which has been an adventure already, but we keep moving forward!  Papa and Nana come to visit almost every other weekend, we are so lucky to have so many great kids in the neighborhood to play with... the list goes on and on.  Jacob and Leia have begun Scouts and are looking forward to all the activities to experience with that as well.  I wont lie and say it has been easy, epecially with being away from Chris, but as everything in life, we make the most of it.  I am sure it is harder on Chris than it is for us and I know he can not wait for the day when we will all be together.  Speaking of that, we should know mid-December the results of the lateral transfer board, so please keep your fingers crossed and pray Chris gets picked up for something, hopefully EDO!! 

I know I am missing stuff, but this pretty much summarizes the last couple of months.  I will try to keep this more updated, but can never promise anything... We all keep pretty busy living life to the fulliest, in good times and in hard time as well!!!

The Morrissey's