23 June, 2016

School's out, scream and shout!!

Today the kids wrap up yet another successful year in school, I couldn't be more proud of their accomplishments this year.  Leia tacking her first year in middle school, Jacob changing schools and meeting new friends, and Elijah excelling in all he does (well, except handwriting).

We are so proud of Elijah this year, he made ALL A's except the first quarter he made 1 B (writing).  He has been challenged by doing higher level math, and spelling in school and he has challenged himself by starting the Harry Potter series this year (he is almost done with book 3).  Next year will be very exciting for him as he moves over to the Academy for Discovery at Lakewood, I know he is ready to tackle all they give him!

Jacob has had an amazing year as well.  Changing schools is never easy but he flourished, making new friends and being challenged with higher expectations. We are so proud of him being inducted into the National Elementary Honor Society last week.  All his hard work has paid off.  He finishes 4th grade with A honor roll and an A/B average for the year. He also received numerous awards at the 4th grade awards ceremony including the Citizenship award, Student of the Year in Science, attendance, and for receiving honor roll all year long.  I can not wait to see what 5th grade has in store for him.

Now to Leia, everyone told me "wait til middle school" whenever I would talk about how I love how Leia is so modest and conservative (with her looks and clothing) and has a great relationship with is.  I am proud to say that middle school has not changed her a bit.  She is her own person and does not follow the crowd.  She has transitioned into a middle-schooler beautifully. Her academics were stellar this year, receiving only 2 B+'s the entire year!  Leia was also inducted into the National Junior Honor Society last week. At the 6th grade awards ceremony Leia also received numerous awards including Student of the Year in Band, achieving pass advance on her English SOL, fitness award, attendance, and receiving honor roll all year long.  I hear 7th grade is quite different but I know Leia will achieve much success!!

In other news, some how I got roped in to becoming the new PTA president for the school next year.  I am very excited for it though and I have recruited two great friends who I also work with in scouts to be on the board.  We have big plans for the school next year, I can not wait to get to planning!
Also other news, since buying our house we have started tackling some projects.  We are rearranging where everyone stays and painting rooms, which is exciting... but more exciting is we are doing an entire kitchen remodel!!  It is so much more involved than I thought but I know the end result will be worth it.  Stay tuned for updates on that.  Goal is to have it finished before the end of the summer!!

We are very excited for summer break to be here, though we really never break, we are always going... but hey, that is how we live our lives to the fullest!!!