28 August, 2015

Heading to the Last Frontier Day 1

1 Plane, 2 Plane, 3 Plane, DONE!!

Our day started at 4am with our alarms going off, luckily the kids were very excited so there was no problem getting them out of bed!  After packing the van and checking for any last min items we may have forgotten we headed to the airport.  After checking in and checking our bags, all 5 of them, we headed to security which was a breeze since one, it was super early, and two, we had precheck status so we didn't have to take everything off and all that fun stuff.  Then off to Starbucks (which you are going to find as a trend on this trip I am sure) for some breakfast.  Now, at this point we are almost ready to board the plane, just had to wait a few mins. for the gate attendant to call for Sky boarding, somehow Chris was able to upgrade us to comfort plus seats (at least on 2 of the 3 flights) which was really nice. The comfort plus gave us extra leg room plus free drinks... I took advantage of this:)

Our first stop was in ATL (Atlanta), we had about a two hour layover which gave us plenty of time to eat.  So, what else would you have to eat in Atlanta other than... 
We finished up and got to our gate kind of late actually, we were some of the last to board. When I got to my seat I noticed there was a mom and little baby, and a dad... um... we are assigned to two of those 3 seats sir.  I politely told him he was in my seat.  Apparently he was assigned a seat on the other side and asked a lady on that side if she would move, I thought that was kind of weird, but she was very nice and obliged. It worked out for me since I didn't have to sit by the baby, LOL!  We touched down in Salt Lake City about four hours later and didn't have much of a layover, just enough time to use the restroom and eat a snack quickly. 
I was in awe of Salt Lake City because of the mountains, us on the  east coast don't have these to look at!! Our next stop was Seattle, FINALLY!  The best thing was we arrived a little early and my parent's flight arrived a little late so we ended up landing at the same time.  We met them at baggage claim, got our bags and then proceeded to the shuttle to bring us to our hotel.  After checking in to our hotel we looked at the menu for dinner and they were having nachos, we all agreed it would be best to eat at the hotel and just chill out out and plan our day for tomorrow.  Besides we were all exhausted and just wanted to crash:)   

Up next: a beautiful sunny day in Seattle...