30 August, 2010


Hello and welcome!  If you are reading this you are probably family, one of my wonderful friends, or you just happened to stumble upon it while searching the web.  Either way we are happy to have you here.  Let me warn you first our family is nothing extraordinary, though we do tend to have a pretty exciting life.  We move every few years due to Chris serving in the Navy, this allows us to travel a bit, domestically and just recently, internationally.  We also find all the fun things to do where ever we live, right now we are on Long Island so we are finding lots to discover as you can imagine!  I should also mention our LOVE (obsession) for anything Disney, as you follow us you will see:)

Please follow along with us as we live our dream... living life to the fullest.  I plan on posting about past vacation experiences, day to day life in our family, and our current travels and adventures.  Feel free to leave comments, even if you are just visiting, it is always great to hear from others!  Come back often, you never know what you may read about!

Remember a Dream is a wish your heart makes....


  1. Just stopping by to say hello!

  2. Very nice Alyson....I look forward to reading about your adventures. Let's meet up at Panera one morning! I'd love to catch up.