15 September, 2010


As of today all three kids have started school, and with that comes 3 firsts... Jacob started his FIRST day in a new school, Leia is now a FIRST grader and Elijah started his FIRST year going all 5 days!!  I believe this is what parenting is all about, watching your children grow up and expirence all the FIRSTS in life.  Now don't get me wrong, I miss the days of them being babies and keeping them close but I know they grow up and are suppose to live their lives, I am here to assist them and hopefully lead them down the right path.  I am not one of those moms that get all emotional about those FIRSTS instead I take them on with a full smile and think to myself "this is what it is all about". 

Here is to many more FIRSTS!!!

First Day Kindergarten Sept 7th, 2010

First day of First Grade Sept 7th, 2010
First day of 3's Sept 15th, 2010

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  1. Even tho I see these kids all of the time, I can not believe how muchthey have grown.