06 December, 2010

What I have learned through my travels...

The family just got back from yet another Disney trip, this one to celebrate the two boys in the family!!  Jacob got to celebrate his 5th birthday aboard the Disney Magic (jealous anyone?) and Elijah got to celebrate at Disney (more jealous?)  We spent 11 nights doing Disney in one way or another... I think it was the longest vacation we have taken as a family and boy did we feel it.  We learned a lot of lessons and used past experiences as well to make the trip as smooth as can be.  I thought I would share some of those lessons here to help any one else who may be taking their little ones on a lengthy vacation... or even a short one, these ideas can come in handy to any one!

* First lesson learned was NEVER fly out of LGA, JFK is a MUCH nicer airport
* NEVER fly late in the night with young children, the kids were so exhausted and so were we it was rough!
* Don't rent a full size sedan when you have a family of 5, you and your luggage will NOT fit!  Reserve an SUV from the beginning!!
* Kids eat AWFUL on vacation so don't buy too much!
* Convenience is way more imporant than cost!!!!!!!!!
* Potty training is actually alot easier on vacation then it is at home, who would have thought?!?!
* Bring sunscreen from home, much cheaper then while on vacation ( I ALWAYS forget)
* Take breaks, missing something is not going to matter at all is you have a cranky child who wont let you enjoy it anyways.
* Sit down meals are so much easier then quick service meals (at Disney)
* Rent a car while at Disney if you have small children and are not staying at a Magic Kingdom resort or on the Boardwalk.
* Do not pack too many clothes for the kids, they wont wear half of it!! (I should know this by now)
* ALWAYS travel with Papa and Nana, LOL!!

I am sure I could go on but these are the ones that really stick out!  I am sure I am going to have to return to this list many times before I finally get it right.  You would think with how many times we travel I would have all this figured out, but I don't.  Maybe one day... maybe not...

Hope this may help some of you:)   Next up.... Disney at Christmas time

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  1. So many of those tips stick out to me. Really, potty training is easier? I was thinking we should wait until we get back to finish up with it for Aerik. And yes, I am incredibly jealous! But Chris's job is not an easy one and I am so glad that your family can enjoy the time together while you've got it. Yes, I totally agree that Papa and Nana make things easier, which is why I am trying to steal them on this next trip!!! =) Can't wait to see you ALL and do Disney in just a couple weeks! Love all 5 (no, 7) of you!!!
    Love, love, love,
    Alexis, Shaun, Ella, & Aerik