15 February, 2016

Mid February Already??

First off, how it is already half way through February?  I mean weren't we just ringing in the new year, making our list of goals (I like to call them goals as opposed to resolutions), and excited to see what 2016 was going to bring!  Now it is mid-February, my goals seem like a distant memory already and 2016 hasn't been too exciting yet, just busy!  One exciting thing for me, at least, is I am in my last semester at TCC and I got my acceptance into ODU for the Fall.  This semester is proving to be my most challenging though, as expected, since I am taking Anatomy and Phys... I am doing pretty well but I feel as I am doing nothing but studying the human body ALL.DAY.LONG!  I will be so happy once May comes.

Enough about me. The kids ended their second quarter of school last week and I am pleased to announce both Leia and Elijah made straight A's and Jacob got all A's and B's!  Jacob was selected to be on his schools SeaPerch team, it is like a STEM club, he loves it and it is great for him. He was also selected as Student of the Month for December in his class and his science fair project was selected as one of the top 3 in his class. Jacob also has been doing a baseball clinic this winter to work on his skills and is showing great improvement. Next week he will have try outs for the Spring season.  Leia went away the last weekend of January to North Carolina for a youth group retreat, she loved it and can not wait to do it again. She also is in the process of applying for a summer enrichment program called Breakthrough at Norfolk Academy.  It seems like an amazing opportunity and I really hope she gets in. She also just started French, but misses her Spanish teacher, so she will be joining the Spanish Club... luckily this one meets once a week during lunch at school, otherwise I don't know how she would make it fit in to her schedule. Elijah is busy with scouts and has just started reading the Harry Potter Series. He also recently went to the ENT in search of a diagnosis for all his congestion.  He is on tons of meds right now and will go back at the end of March to reevaluate. All three of the kids are also busy with the annual Purimshpele with our Temple, this year it is Lost in Space themed.  It has a little Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Spaceballs, and maybe some other stuff.  It should be great, as always!  If you want to come out and see it it will be performed on the 20th of March at Ohef Sholom Temple. As you can see, the kids are busy as always.

Lastly Chris, a couple of weeks ago he attended TAPS (I know it is called something different now but can't remember what).  It is what all servicemen attend when their time in service is coming to an end.  He has found out a lot of information, some of it is quite overwhelming, but it is information we needed.  His last day of active service will be March 31st, which is pretty ironic considering his anniversary date is March 31st as well.  He has joined the reserves though so he will still be serving his country and working towards his retirement.  He still does not have a job lined up but has a few prospects on the table, just waiting for offers.  We really aren't worried, just more anxious to see which one comes through first, and when.  On another note, Chris has taken on the duty of Cub Master with the boys Cub Scout Pack and is doing very well in the position, he has received a lot of praise for his efforts.  Just last weekend we had Blue and Gold, it was Star Wars themed... Chris stepped up to the plate and made sure Darth Vader made an appearance. I think the boys enjoyed it, I know the adults did.

Well, I think that wraps up what has been going on in the Morrissey house the last 6 weeks or so.  Stay tuned to see how we are living our lives to the fullest!

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