07 June, 2011

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

That is right, the Morrissey's (and Papa and Nana) walked round trip over the Brooklyn Bridge! 

This past Saturday was a beautiful day in NYC and we took full advantage of it.  After getting up early (and doing our P90X) we hopped in the van and headed to the City, via the Queensboro Bridge (free way in to the City:)).  Upon arriving we went straight to Stage Deli to order our lunch to-go.  Papa, Nana and I shared salami on pumpernickel and Chris and the kids shared turkey on white.  We also got an order of cole slaw and matzo ball soup (can't go to a deli and not get the staples!). We then set on foot a few blocks to Central Park and found our picnic spot.  We ate as we watched a group of woman (and two men) exercise doing some self confidence training or something, it was interesting!  Once we finished our delicious lunch we walked around Central Park and ended up visiting the Childrens' Zoo and the Main Zoo for just a little viewing, we can't help but see the Penguins.

It was starting to get a little later in the afternoon and we knew we wanted to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, and it was on the other side of the Island, so we found the subway station on Lexington and took the 6 train all the way to the Bridge.  The walk was wonderful, there is a nice path for walkers and another path for bikes and joggers.  Many people walk this bridge so it does get tight, but most people make room!  The views from the middle were beautiful, we could see the cruise ship terminal all the way over in New Jersey, we saw Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas which we thought was cool! We made it all the way over to Brooklyn and then all the way back to Manhattan, with a stop to buy some t-shirts that say "I Walked the Brooklyn Bridge 2011" from a very nice man. Yes, we are suckers for some shirts... though only my parents got them and we got 1 for the kids to share. 

We then hopped back on the subway up to 5th Ave. to get some tasty ice cream at Trump Tower Ice Cream Parlor, I think we deserved it!!  I was so thankful my Daddy was with me so I could get a slice of blueberry pie and ice cream since it is too much for me to eat and he is the only one who would eat blueberry pie!!  It was yummy!!!!   

Dinner time now, yes we did things a little backwards this day, but I figure it is OK every so often.  We went back to our favorite Thai place on 46th and 9th, Yum Yum III.  After our tummy's were full of Yum Yum we treked back up to 56th and 7th to retrieve our van from the Manhattan Club.  I think on the ride home Chris was the only one that stayed awake (thank goodness).  It was a long and tiring day but so worth it.  We are sure going to miss this wonderful city but look forward to come back and visit many times in the future.   New York, one heck of a town!!

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