01 June, 2011

A BIG unexpected change...

So, as most of you know Chris has been anxiously waiting to hear he has been picked up for Department Head, well... that did not happen:(  At first there was serious disappointment, and frustration then as time has passed it has turned in to promise, promise of a whole new future for us.  Since Chris was not selected for Department Head it means he will no longer be a Submariner, he had worked very hard but the Navy did not seem to think hard enough apparently and with so many Officers staying in the, pool is much larger to choose from!  So, no more Submarine life for us... but is it really that bad?  Chris now has the opportunity to leave the Navy and work in the "real world" or change communities (jobs) within the Navy.  As of right now we are not too sure which one will happen, there is still alot of time until we will know.    What we do know is Chris is "stuck" up here in NY for at least 6-9 months, I could think of worse places to be stuck though:)  Since our rent is up this month the kids and I had decided to stay down in FL for the summer, but now knowing that Chris will not know where he is going for another 6-9 months (maybe more) staying with my parents is no longer an options, I LOVE them to death, as you all know, but it is a long time being without all our things and for the kids to be in a retirement community.  So, after much thought, the kids and I will move back in to our home in GA and live there with all our friends and belongings, in our beautiful house!!  I couldn't be more thrilled, I still will be close enough to Tampa to visit my parents and Disney but have a home of our own! And Chris will be able to come down and visit often.   Another exciting adventure I will be undertaking this school year is Homeschooling... again, after much thought we feel this will be the best option for now, though I hope to continue to Homeschool for many years. 

As you can see life over here has been very stressful and has taken a turn we did not expect, but as everything in life, we are making the most of it!  Once again, the Morrissey's living life to the fulliest!!


  1. that is awsome that you can be so positive in all this chaos. Good luck to you all in this new journey and future opportunities!

    Christine raines santiago

  2. Y'all are fantastic. I love that you live life to the fullest, that's why y'all are my favorite people in the world! As much as I hoped for Chris to get picked up for Dept Head, I am absolutely thrilled that you will live close again. I've missed all of you! And because of your positive outlook and ability to make the best of whatever comes along, I know that Chris, you, and your family will always be successful and happy. Can't wait to have you back!

  3. Wow, are we the same person? Or same family? I am so there with you and keeping you guys in our prayers. I have always been a homeschool advocate and have lots of homeschool resources. If James didn't need some extra help with language and social skills, I would be homeschooling him now too. I hope to teach all of my kids at home soon enough though! You'll do great! There is also so much I miss about GA....Please think of me when you are at the Aquatic Center! Best of Luck Alyson! You guys will do fantastic!

  4. WOW, that's what I call a hiccup in the road. I've always known you to have an optimistic outlook on life. As disappointing as the news of Chris to not be picked up for DH, the up side is that you have choices, something not everyone has these days. What a joy to have your home in GA to move into and be close to your parents (and Disney). You won't miss a beat and there are some wonderful homeschool co-ops there in GA too. I'll send you a pm with POC info. I read this passage this morning and I think you'll find it very appropriate. Safe travels, continue to blog and keep your head up. I look forward to seeing you wherever you are in July. :)

    "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven."
    Ecclesiastes 3:1

  5. You know I am excited for you to be moving to GA. We will be up there as much as possible. I know whatever Chris does you guys will do just fine. You always have us in your corner. Love you all. MOM