07 February, 2012

New Beginnings!

So, I left off last talking about our move to GA, for the second time... since then so much has happened!  Chris and I completed our first 1/2 marathon (Disney Style) in Oct.!  It was amazing and now we are addicted!

Disney's WIne and Dine 1/2 Marathon

Jet Skiing in Cabo

We got dooped by some scammer on Craigslist when we were trying to rent out our timeshare in NY... glad I figured it out sooner than later!  Chris and I went to Disneyland and we sailed the Mexican Riviera for the first time (just the two of us), surprised by how much we enjoyed it.  Then Thanksgiving came and I announced As You Wish Vacations, my new travel agency I began after being an agent with another company for so long... it was time to take the leap of faith and move forward with my dreams.  It has been a struggle in some ways but worth it, it is great to be my own boss and see the inner workings and meet some amazing people who are so willing to lend me advise and guide me!  Christmas was a busy time, we sailed, we played at Disney and we met our newest addition to our family, our nephew, Grant William Flowers.

 Christmas came and went and we still had no news about Chris' future, we were quite anxious you can imagine!   Then, right before we left to Disney for our second race, we got word Chris was not selected for a lateral transfer... what a letdown! But you can't fret so we went to Disney ( just Chris and I the first two nights, then the kids came the last day after the race) and had a great time!  We drank around the World in EPCOT, in about an hrs time (I suggest any one who is thinking about doing this to use more than an hr... just say'n).  The next day I wasn't feeling so hot, needless to say.  Sunday was race day, we ran the inaugural Marathon Relay, I ran the first 13.1 and Chris ran the second, it was amazing!.  The next day Chris left back  to NY after being a family for just about a month, that was tough!  But knowing when he got back to NY he would be getting answers to what our future held, it was OK.  By the end of the week we found out we were headed to Norfolk, VA... never thought we would want to end up there but we are very excited.  We will be close to family and friends who are stationed there, YEAH!  Chris found a house already, thanks to Lynn and Geoff for hunting it down first for us.  Contract for the lease is signed and we will be moving in the second week of March.  The house is quite larger than what we have, on a waterway and has a... wait for it... POOL!!!
  So excited, this summer is going to be great!  It is bittersweet leaving GA, my best friend is here, we are close to my parents, and close to our second home... Disney... what did you think I was talking about?!?!  But now we will be close to new adventures that await us and Chris will be in a new position that could help his chances for when the next board comes around... here's hoping at least.  The last 7 months have been crazy, I think I have spent more time traveling away from my home then actually living in my home, but that is fine with me!  I do look forward to being a little more stationary, at least for a little while (I am sure we will do small little trips here and there a bit). Before we leave here we still have one more trip to Disney, it will be our last one for awhile which is a little sad.  We will also be doing our last race for awhile, Princess 1/2 Marathon. I can't think of a better ending to our "Year of Disney"...
Here's to our new beginnings: my new business, Chris' new job, kid's new school, and our family's new life!!
Once again, living our lives to the fullest!!


  1. Great blog! The last part made me sad...but it's ok, because we became even closer while you were in New York, and we have so much technology that we're only a phone call or facebook chat away. But I am going to miss you, I have loved having you so close for the last several months. I know your next adventure will be fantastic! Love you all!

  2. Now you are going to make me cry!!! I am so happy to have been able to share all I have with you these past months!!! You know we will see each other sooner than later!! I love ya too!!