11 May, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day May 8, 2011

This Mother's day happened to be an absolutely beautiful day and I have been wanting to venture out to some of our parks and go hiking for some time.  Since it was MY day, I got my wish... it was wonderful.  A friend of mine suggested Blydenburgh Park to us so we checked it out and thought it would be a great place to go.  It is located about an hour from us in Suffolk County, Long Island (we are in Nassau).  We parked by the boat ramps but were disappointed they were not renting the boats out yet, maybe next time we go we can go out on a boat:)  So we headed out on the trails!  We went on the foot trail closer to the water, kids got their walking sticks and we were set. 
It was a nice walk, not too difficult for the kids, even Elijah walked the WHOLE time!  As we walked we saw (and heard) many birds, lots of dogs, a couple of people on horseback and a beautiful swan on the water. 

We walked all the way down to the "lake" area where the dogs liked to wade and cool off.  Leia striked up a conversation with a lady there (go figure), the lady ended up being an art teacher so Leia was talking it up about the Louve and seeing the Mona Lisa and how much she loves art!  Then the kids had to go potty bad and we could not get Elijah to go in the woods, come on... you are a boy!!  So we headed back but down a different trail and it lead us to the open field and the dog park (and the bathrooms).  After everyone took care of business we went over to the open field and threw around the baseball for a little while.  Then some more kids came and Elijah and Jacob went to play with them... then Leia followed shortly after that.  We then wanted to check out the playground so we headed off in the direction of the car and found the playground, unfortunately the playground had lost of wasps flying around so we didn't stay for long:(  Kids (and myself) were a little disappointed, it was a nice playground!  We then returned to our car, pretty hungry at this point so we headed over to 5 Guys (we saw it on our way to the park) and had lunch.  On our way back I remember seeing a Veteran Memorial I wanted to check out so we visited there for a little while. 

Armed Forces Plaza Suffolk County, NY
 It was a very nice area with memorials for each War plus a beautiful enclosed garden area dedicated to Suffolk County victims of 9/11.  Leia enjoyed the WWII memorial more than I expected, she wanted to read everything and learn what happened!  I told her we have plenty of time to learn all about it (and that made her Daddy very proud!). 

WWII Tribute
We then headed to the mall to get a few things and then went home to finish up our day.  It was a wonderful Mother's Day, one I wont forget for a long time!

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  1. You have awesome kids! Leia striking up a conversation with a woman about the Louvre and Mona Lisa - that's not something you get by sending your kids to public school! And how wonderful that she wants to learn about WWII and is so interested in those types of things. What a great mom you are! Happy Mother's Day, I'm glad you had such a good time.