28 March, 2013

Day 1: Heading West!

Today is the day! Up early at 3am EST to head to the airport for a 5:30 flight! Stopped over in ATL just long enough to make it to the other terminal to catch our connecting flight to San Fran. The flight to San Fran was great, we all had our own T.Vs to entertain us... I dont think Elijah made it through any movie, he was too interested in playing with everything he had to switch between things, whatever, it entertained him! The flight was pretty uneventful except for spilled apple juice that got all over my purse. Once we arrived in San Fran we got our bags and headed to the USO where the kids and I stayed while Chris went to get our rental car. The USO was very accomidating and had plenty to eat and entertain the kids. Chris came with the van, a Town and Country, (much like what we have at home) complete with a DVD system! We drove throughout the countryside to I5. It was very beautiful. The kids slept a bit and so did I! We went through the mountains as we got closer to our stop for the night, Ventura... again, very beautiful! We arrived to the hotel in time for the managers reception so we grabbed a quick bite and drink then headed to get real dinner... Nothing fancy, some Panda Express:). Back to the hotel to go to sleep, it was after 10pm EST and we were exhusted!! So, a day of travel for us, many miles in one day! Cant wait to get to San Diego and go and see stuff and celebrate Leia's birthday tomorrow! Stay turned, the adventure has only just begun...

Oh, BTW, the last picture is of Magic Mountain, you all remeber the 90210 episode when they all went, right? It was right next to our hotel:).

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  1. YES! I SO REMEMBER the Magic Mountain Episode! It was JUST on, actually! Ahhhhhhhh!