29 March, 2013

Day 3: Seaworld

Body still on EST time, was up early again this am. After Chris got back from a run he made us a yummy breakfast that we enjoyed out on the patio, Chris and I even enjoyed some mimosas:) Cleaned up after breakfast and headed to Seaworld, luckily 4 of us were able to use the Military Salute Tickets so we just bought one child's ticket at ITT the day before. When we arrived we decided to Dine with Shamu for lunch, it was a little pricey, close to 150.00 for all 5 of us but it was a very good buffet with plenty of choices. It was cool to be right next to the Orca whales as well, when one did a trick next to our table Chris got a little wet, we all thought that was funny! We watched some shows and kids rode some rides. We went on the Sky Tower and had a great view of Seaworld and San Diego. Leia and I wanted to ride Manta but the line was over an hour and we just didnt want to wait... yeah, we are spoiled with Fastpasses. Finished off Seaworld with the kids playing in the Seaseme Street area. I def liked Seaworld over Busch Gardens, so much to see and do without going on rides.
So, Chris has been talking up Trader Joes since he came to San Diego for work the first time so he took me there. I get it, they have some really cool stuff, lots of treats I would love to have tried! We ended up trying the 2 dollar wine, I'll let you know how it is once we try it.
Dinner tonight is BBQ chicken on the grill made by Chris at our cottage, dining al fresco on this beautiful evening! Next up... The famous San Diego Zoo!

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