30 March, 2013

Day 4: Zoo and Beach and Burgers... Oh my!

Another early day, I wonder when our bodies will adjust? Breakfast at the cottage again this am then off to The San Diego Zoo! Now let me preface this by we LOVE zoos and have been to many, every time we travel we go to the local zoo and we always visit the zoos where we live. The Bronx Zoo has been our fave by far, but let me tell you, The San Diego Zoo gave it a run for it's money! What an incredible zoo, so many different animals and plants and things to see, plus great options for food, not just your typical park food. With our admission we were able to take the bus tour and the skyfari (skyride), so we did. Oh, and I should note Chris' admission was free due to being in the military, very nice! We got off the skyfari just in time to catch the one show of the day, Camp Critter, and what perfect timing, as we entered a gentelman asked Leia how old she was and then asked if she wanted to pet a sea lion, of course she was like, sure! So she got to be part of the show, she was thrilled... She not only pet a sea lion but fed one and got a kiss from one! It was great!! We then went to the children's zoo and pet some animals. By this time we had seen most everything and wanted to head to the beach so we set out to Ocean Beach. It was beautiful, the sun was shinning, the wind was blowing nicely and the kids played in the sand. We all put our toes in the water but that was enough, the Pacific is COLD! After playing at the beach we got in line for the popular burger joint, Hodad's. The wait was about a half hr but well worth it. The burgers were great and the milkshakes huge! We split 2 between all 5 of us!
Back to the cottage to clean up from the beach and get clothes washed and packed up, for tomorrow we head for our most anticipated leg, Disneyland! We will leave early to hopefully stop at Sweet Tomatoes for breakfast and arrive in DL by noon. We can not wait! Keep checking back to see all we do at Disneyland and L.A.! This adventure is only about a quarter of the way in and has been amazing, I can only imagine how the rest will be!

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