28 March, 2013

Day 2: San Diego

Went to bed early (for PST) so we were up early! I got some exercise in before we went to the breakfast buffet... One of the many great things about staying at Embassy Suites, they have a killer breakfast! Since we were up early we were ahead of schedule so we chilled in our room while I got ready and the kids watched a movie that was on, Prince of Egypt... how fitting. Around 9 we left to Wal-Mart to pick up some movies for the trip and headed down to San Diego. The drive was nice, I5 got slow around LA but nothing terrible. We got to San Diego in good timing and checked in to our (AWESOME) cottage and luckily it was ready. After bringing in our stuff we headed for lunch, In and Out Burger, it is very popular and now I know why... very yummy! Now off to some site seeing. We stopped at the cliffs first where we watched cliff jumpers jump in to the ocean, we also saw people surfing the waves, pretty cool stuff for us to see! When we left there we went to the National Monument of Cabrillo. We are pretty in to visiting National Parks and historic sites so this was really cool for us. We got our National Parks Passports stamped and the kids did their Junior Ranger activity and received cool badges at the end. We finished there and headed to the ITT to get our tickets for Disneyland and our San Diego attractions, then off to Package Store and the Commissary to get things for the next few days. Since it was Leia's birthday we let her choose what she wanted to eat for dinner, she chose to stay in and have Chris cook. So he made tacos and nachos with dip, we also got an ice cream cake for her to celebrate with. Now the kids are in bed and I will be joining very soon. Great first day in San Diego, can't wait to explore more tomorrow, either Sea World or the Zoo, havent figured out which one yet. Stay tune to see what our next day brings!

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