06 April, 2013

Day 10: Libraries and Castles!

We said "See ya real soon" to Disneyland and headed just North of L.A. to the Reagan Library. We have been looking forward to this not only beacuse we will see Ronald Reagan's legacy but also because it is hosting D23's Walt Disney Treasures, we were so happy to see it was on display through April! The Regan Library was amazing, so much great artifacts from such an amazing man. We got to see Air Force One as well, pretty cool stuff! Leia was beside herself and the workers were all impressed with her interest and knowledge of the former President. The Walt Disney Treasures was something impressive to, we saw the large books they used in Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella to start the movies, remember that? They had the car and motocycle from Tron, and a bunch of other neat stuff. How exciting to be able to experience this! We shopped in the gift shop for alittle bit, since it was the last month of the exhibit all the stuff was on sale, SCORE! We bought up a BUNCH of pins exclusive to this event! Before we left we walked around to see the piece of the Berlin Wall and Ronald Reagan's grave. We could have spent much more time there but we had to go in order to make it to the Hearst Castle in time for our tour and we still needed to get lunch! We told my parents about In and Out Burger and they wanted to try it too, so twist my arm... that is where we went, they loved it!
So, up the PCH we went with spectacular views along the way. We arrived in San Simeon in just enough time to unload the car, breath a moment and get back in the car to get to the Castle. We planned on eating there for dinner, however the cafe was closed by the time we got there so we had to settle for sandwhiches and parfaits for dinner from the little kisosk of grab and go snacks. After we ate we waited for the bus to take us up the windy road along side the hilltop the Castle sit atop. Once we arrived at the castle we were transported back in time to around 1933, the peak of the Hearst era. They even had people in that periods clothing staged throughout the castle. We learned so much about the Hearst family and the celebrities that frequent the castle, it is truely and amazing structure... beautiful grounds, large pools, expansive views out all the windows, marvolous furnishing from all over the world. It is really something to be seen! It was a late tour so when we were finished we had to travel down that windy roading, down... a little scary but we made it. To our surprise the gift shop was closed so we said we will leave a little eariler the next morning so we could stop by before we headed out. Back to our hotel for the night, kids cleaned up and put to bed! Up next, San Francisco... Maybe our most hectic of times, def the most trying with the kiddos!

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