03 April, 2013

Day 6: Disneyland Park and Date Night!

Went to Disneyland Park today, but before that had breakfast in the club and went to a DVC members gathering at Disneyland Hotel and got a visit with Mickey Mouse! Disneyland Park was pretty busy but we got a few rides in before lunch... Astro Blaster, Nemo Submarine Voyage and got Fast Passes for Space Mountain. Lunch was at the newly renovated Carnation Cafe, it was super great food. We tried fried pickles and Walts fave chili (which was amazing!). The kids meals were great too, Elijah got a make your own PB&J with fruit and the other two got Chicken with mash and broccoli and fruit! After lunch we let our food settle then headed to Space Mountain, could not convice Jacob or Elijah to go:(. One of my fave things to see in EPCOT is the Voices of Liberty and they are at DL on loan so we saw them. They perform right before Great Moments with Mr Lincoln. Off to Indiana Jones, love this ride, it is like Dinosaur in Animal Kingdom but Indiana Jones! Leia and my mom enjoyed it too... Elijah was too short to ride and Jacob whimped out! Finally Pirates time, the line was long but always worth the wait, and it was unanimous everyone agrees the Pirates at DL is better than at Disney World! By this time we needed to head back to get ready for dinner at Napa Rose, all I have to say about that is WOW! It was nice to have a couple hours without kids too, thanks Mom and Dad! We met them up in the club to watch the fireworks from the balcony, again I loved the fireworks, this was our first time seeing them... It had elements of Wishes but then its own stuff too. Julie Andrews narrated it with clips of Walt Disney, I may or may not have gotten a little misty eyed:). Great ending to a fun filled day! Next up, a day in L.A.!

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