05 April, 2013

Day 9: EMH Disneyland Park

So today was EMH at Disneyland Park, so another early and long day, but this is our last day was we were up to the challenge! We arrived so early we were the second family in our line at the gate to get in, of course the kids slow us down a little but when the gates opened we headed straight for the Matterhorn, we even got Jacob on it! but not Elijah:( after that we hung out in Fantasyland and knocked out most all in there by 9:00, then we headed to Adventureland to do Haunted Mansion and Jungle Cruise along with another turn on Pirates! By the time we were done there it was time for lunch at Orleans Cafe, we sat outside and enjoyed some yummy food! After lunch it got tricky, still so much we wanted to see but it was pretty busy by this time. We got on Tom Sawyer's and played around there for a little while and then went to some shops to check out some merchandise. It was getting close to when we wanted to head back to the room to work on some packing and get a little something in the lounge then head to Trader Sams for dinner and drinks! If you havent been to Trader Sams yet at Disneyland, you much! It is an Enchanted Tiki Bar themed like a cross between Jungle Cruise and the Tiki Room, two of my family's fave attractions! The kids loved it and the food was good. It was now time to head back to scope out our seats for Fantasmic. We hadn't taken the monorail yet so we planned to ride it back in to the park from Downtown Disney. One thing different at Disneyland is they still let you ride in the front, so me and the kids got to! What a treat:). Now to sit and wait for Fantasmic, it is very different at DL than it is over at Hollywood Studios, you sit on the ground or stand further back, it takes place on the Rivers of America and Tom Sawyers Island. You have to arrive like 2 hours early if ou want to sit up front, we I just plopped the boys down with the iPad and Chris went around with Leia for a little while and brought back snacks then we all just waited... we mingled with Cast Members and other guests and it went by pretty fast. The show was pretty cool. My fave part was the Peter Pan part!! Once the show was over we bought the mechandise I had been eyeing and the kids got a magic set from the Magic Shop on Main Street, you know, the one Steve Martin worked at. What a day, we were all so tired but let me tell you, it was very hard to leave and I may have wanted to cry a little but I held it in. Disneyland is a special park and I think we will have to start rotating between WDW and DL from now on!

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