09 April, 2013

Day 13: Last Day, Just How Much Can We Fit In?

Yes, that was the challenge... Just how muchncan we cram in toma day?!? We got up early, enjoyed a nice breakfast at the hotel and headed out for the Golden Gate Bridge. We so badly wanted to walk across it but we knew we didnt have time, so we parked at the lookout and walked a good bit across before turning around and walking back to the lookout for some pics. Then we loaded back in the car to head to Muir Woods, part of the National Parks. Muir Woods is what I consider the Redwood Forest from the song This Land is Your Land! It was beautiful and we could have spent so much time there, however we just quickly did the Junior Ranger booklet so the kids could get their badges and off we went to our next destination, which was a surprise to the kids! On our way to our surprise destination we stopped at Del Taco, yet another popular fast food joint, imagine Taco Bell but better! After eating some yummy tacos we continued on in our journey and we soon arrived at the Jelly Bean Factory! The kids were so excited, this was one of the reasons we kept the van, if not we would not have been able to do any of this that we did today. As we waited for our tour to begin the kids went and did some tasting at the Sample Bar and looked at all the art work done in Jelly Beans alone! The tour was great, we all got little hats and they took us around to show us the whole process, at the end we each got a bag of Jelly Beans! Did you know the most popular flavor is Cherry? Of course we also purchased some too:). What a fun time! After we left there we headed back to San Fran to visit The Disney Family Museum. I can not say enough about this place, first off they were so generous and let my whole family in for FREE since Chris is in the military. Every Disney fan must visit this great museum, it showcases so much of Walt's life and how the whole Disney brand came about, you would be surprised by some of the things you will learn and see! After the museum we took some pictures of the Bridge from the Presidio, it was beautiful! We got back in the car to tackle our last must-do, Lombard St. What fun that was to zig-zag down the steepest street, I am glad Chris was driving, b/c I am not sure I could handle that. Now it was time to drop our stuff at the hotel and go back to Chinatown to get dinner. We did the same type of dining like the night before with the lazy susan, that really is the way to go! Again, after dinner we stopped at Starbucks for one last drink in the city and then back to the hotel to finish packing. We had a very early flight the next morning so we needed to be ready. Our last day in San Fran was jam packed with fun we will not soon forget. Tmrw we must return home, back to reality and to start planning our next adventure!

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