09 April, 2013

Day 11: Mini Javinsky Family Reunion

So we left the hotel en route to San Fransico but had to make a quick stop at the Hearst Castle to pic up some souvinears. Then off we went to San Francisco, didnt encounter anything too big of deal on the way there, we did stop for lunch at Pollo Locco, another local chain, boy was that good! Once we arrived in San Fran is when it got crazy, traffic was a little busy because of the Giants game and so many streets were closed and we couldnt turn left of on the ones we needed to, Chris was getting a bit irritated to say the least. Once we finally figured out which way to go we encountered what San Fran is famous for, their steep streets! We made it up one and when we got to the top you couldnt even see the street below, the kids thought it was a rollercoaster and me and my mom were freaking out, my dad was playing it cool and Chris, well he was driving so he had to stay calm and was just happy he was heading in the right direction! We finally made it to the hotel, Marine Memorial Club, Chris dropped us all off at the front and he went to park the car. Side bar, we were originally going to return our car and use public transportation but I got to thinking and changed the plan, so glad we did, it made life so much easier and we were able to do a few extra things we hadn't planned. I got us all checked in and Up to our suite we went. The room was perfect, a living room, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. We cleaned up and got ready for the 4 o'clock reception they offer guests, we were also going to be meeting up for dinner with all of our San Fran Javinsky family, a much anticipated gathering that had been in the works since we knew we were visiting San Fran. My dad hadnt seen his cousins for 28 years, so he was really looking forward to this visit! So glad everyone could make it, even Geoff, our Brother-in-Law, was in town visiting his son for his birthday so they joined in... It was a great evening full of great conversation and reliving memories.
We walked back to the hotel, which was just a couple blocks over and headed to bed for we had a full day planned ahead of us!

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