04 April, 2013

Day 8: EMH California Adventure Park and pool time

For those who may not be familiar, EMH is Extra Magic Hours;). California Adventure Park opened at 7 am for resort guests this AM so we got up very early to get there for park opening. Good thing we did too, we got all we wanted to done today, even got on Radiator Springs Racers twice! By one we were ready for some relaxing so we headed over to the pool at the Disneyland Hotel, since my parents were staying there we could go. The boys have been so excited to ride the Monorail slide, now they were finally able to. I stopped at the new Earl of Sandwhich while the rest headed to the pool then brought it over to eat poolside. After a couple hours at the pool we headed back to our room, changed and headed to the park again for the 4;45 Aladdin show. The kids loved it, especially the Genie. We ate in the Pacific Wharf and finished just in time to head to Carsland to see the lighting of Carsland. At sundown each night they play the song from the movie when Lightning fixed up everything for Sally and all the neon worked again... Remember? It was so cool;). After that it was time to go, we had been up since very early and needed to go to bed, we stopped at the lounge and had some drinks and the kids stayed for the storytime before heading backing to the room to go to sleep, and boy were they tired, they went out like lights! Now, I am off to do the same b/c tomorrow is going to be a repeat of today with EMH at Disneyland Park! Gotta get it all done since tomorrow is our last day in the parks for Friday we leave to make our way up to San Francisco!

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